Enchanting Cupcake Shops Around the World

You Would Not Think Twice To Travel Far For These Amazing Cupcake Shops Around The World
The Frosted Cupcake

Most people have a list of things they want to do before they're a certain age; travel, ride a roller coaster, see the Grand Canyon or even the Great Wall of China. The world is a big place so there is plenty to want to do or try, including cupcakes. Well, if you love cupcakes and want to try some of the best cupcakes out there, you definitely should plan a world trip to these amazing cupcake shops.

Cuckoo's Bakery 

Located in Edinburgh, Scotland. Cuckoo's is a lovely bakery with a reputation of ridiculously fresh and unique cupcakes that are baked starting from 1am each day by a team of skilled artisans. With amazing flavors such as Raspberry & White Chocolate, Sticky Toffee Pudding, and the banana and peanut butter All Shook Up Cupcake, it is no wonder they have won Best Cake in Scotland, two years in a row. 

Cupcake Central

If you're ever in Australia and want a really good cupcake, go to Cupcake Central in Melbourne. Flavors are endless and it's never the same boring cupcake every day. Cupcake Central not only prides themselves on their quality of cupcakes but on their selection. Offering a rotating schedule, certain cupcakes are made on certain days keeping your choices interesting. Blackberry Cheesecake, Butterscotch Popcorn and Choc Malt Milkshake are just a few of their weekly favourites. 

Charly's Bakery

You don't hear much about baking in South Africa, but this little bakery is getting some buzz. Great decorations, an inviting pink exterior and even better cupcakes, if you're ever in the area you definitely need to check them out. Their location in the city bowl right beneath Table Mountain doesn't hurt either. 

The Frosted Cupcake

If you don't have the funds to go across the world, if you live in America you can simply drive up to St. Catherine's Ontario and try out this gorgeous cupcake shop. It is the first cupcakery in Niagra and offers scratch made cupcakes for individuals, parties, and even weddings. Be sure to try their classic cupcakes Boston Cream, Salted Caramel, and Simply Vanilla. 

Sweet Mandy B's

Opened in 2002, Sweet Mandy B's is located in Chicago Illinois and it's offerings are as sweet as it's pastel colored shop exterior. While other cupcakery's offer different flavors, Mandy B's takes it to another level with offering different options for each cake, icing, and even fillings. Their cupcakes are award winning and may be ordered in any size to satisfy your cupcake craving!


That's not a typo, the extra "p" just makes things that much better. Located in Northland, New Zealand, Cuppackes proves that everything in New Zealand is pretty magical. Their cupcakes aren't just sweet, they're completely gourmet with 8-12 flavors daily. 

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